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Kingfisher Lipstick Clutch

Project: Kingfisher Lipstick Clutch

Brand: BXL Creative Packaging

Service: Design

Category: Skincare


This bag design is inspired by ancient Chinese jewelry craftsmanship- kingfisher feather inlay, known in China as the art of tian tsui, literally means “dotting with kingfisher”. The striking iridescent blue of kingfisher feathers has been highly prized in China for at least 2500 years. Their widespread use in hair ornaments and jewellery gave rise to their being acknowledged as symbols of feminine beauty, while the sheer reality that a kingfisher is an extremely small bird and difficult to either catch or rear in captivity caused them to become symbols of wealth and social standing.


While once only available to the Imperial Court, over the centuries this filtered down into the aristocratic strata of society and became another source for silversmiths to create an art form that was excruciatingly difficult and time consuming to produce. The art of The packaging uses kingfisher feather pattern, with the color matching of malachite green and musk gold, reflecting the retro noble sense; a touch of emerald blue feathers and four brightly colored Kingfisher revealing the care for ecology and nature; besides, handbag-shaped box design is rare on the market.


This work presents the exquisite oriental art in a modern way expression, just like a gentle and classical beauty who has traveled through thousands of years, raising her hand to embrace fashion. The whole box is graceful and gorgeous without losing the sense of fashion.


Palace dramas are in trend; the Forbidden City’s garage kit becomes popular on social media; traditional Chinese brands switch to ‘palace-style’, which young people love it a lot, and set the trend again. Especially in Beijing, Hebei Province and other places, palace culture is prevalent.


The design of dot emerald handbags is in line with the aesthetics of Chinese young people. Whether it is a modern decoration or classic display, it can stand out and attract consumers' attention.

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